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We Buy Magic the Gathering, Lorcana and Star Wars Unlimited Cards

We buy Magic the Gathering MTG Cards, Lorcana Cards and Star Wars Unlimited Cards

Selling or trading your cards with us is remarkably straightforward. Our purchasing system is designed for your convenience, significantly reducing your time investment. Not only do we expedite processing and payment, but we also prioritize equitable transactions. We pay up to 80% of our retail prices!




In order to fulfill your buylists submissions as efficiently as possible, you will need to follow these steps:
1. Get started by browsing the cards you want to sell in our buylist portal. When you’re ready to add a card to your submission, select the correct condition (Near Mint to Heavily Played, don’t worry if you’re unsure, we will grade them). If you have foreign cards (non-English), please do not add them to the buylist, just include them in the package. Make sure to read our policy about foreign cards below as well.
2. Before submitting, you must choose between Cash or Store Credit by selecting the appropriate option in the following drop down.

3. Submit Buylist. You will then see a popup with instructions to follow until we manually approve your submission (within 24-48 hours). Once approved, you will receive an email that includes an itemized list of your submission in alphabetical order, which you can then use for Step 4. If you intend to come in-store, you don’t need to wait for the approval, come directly and we’ll process it upon your arrival. 
4. Unsleeve (except expensive cards), sort your cards Alphabetically and include your Full Name. We recommend using one sleeve for multiple cards, it will keep them protected, but will save us lots of time as we need to unsleeve everything to assess card conditions. If you’re mailing us the cards, make sure they are packed safely. Cards should not be able to move in order to reduce potential damage during transit. We recommend paper, bubble wrap or paper towels to fill the empty spaces of your package. We highly recommend getting a shipping option that includes a tracking number. Shipping address: La Boutique Mythique, 354 Boul Charest Est, Quebec, QC, Canada, G1K 3H4
5. Once your cards are in our hands, they are usually processed same-day! Your cards will be verified and graded, then your Store Credit will be added to your account. If you chose Cash, we will contact you for your preferred payment method.



High End Cards | Cards with very limited printings have very low amounts of recent data, therefore our buylist prices may not be accurate. Please contact us directly so that we can make you a great offer for them!


Foreign Cards | We only purchase foreign cards with a buylist price of 10$ or more and we buy them at 50%* of our regular buylist price. Simply add them to your submission and we will make the appropriate corrections to your total. *Or less, depending on language print runs.


Cash Payment Methods | Paypal and E-Transfer (for Canadian bank account holders). 


Receiving your Submission | If your buylist submission is not in our hands within 20 days of your submission, we may ask you to re-submit a new one. 


Bulk RatesThese prices are in Cash, add 25% for store credit.
MTG: Common/Uncommon cards in bulk at the rate of 1.50$ per 1000 cards. Basic Lands 1.00$ per 100. 0.05$ each for Rares, 0.10$ for Mythics and 0.02$ for any Foils. English only, No Un-Sets, No Conspiracies.
Lorcana: We purchase common/uncommon cards in bulk at the rate of 5.00$ per 1000 cards. 0.10$ each for rares, 0.20$ for Super Rares, 0.50$ for Legendaries. 
Star Wars Unlimited: We purchase common/uncommon cards in bulk at the rate of 3.00$ per 1000 cards. 0.10$ each for Rares and 0.25$ for Legendaries.


Big Collection? | If you have an extensive collection and would like an estimate, please contact us at or give us a call at 418-529-9000.