Flesh and Blood

Master the Art of Combat with Flesh and Blood TCG

Dive into the fantastical world of Rathe with Flesh and Blood, the trading card game that combines intense strategy with rich storytelling. Perfect for both new players eager to learn and veterans seeking deep tactical engagements, our selection features a variety of decks that are ready to play and rich in narrative. Flesh and Blood stands out by allowing players to directly influence the outcome of battles through their skills and choices, making each game a unique adventure. Each deck is designed to help you quickly understand game mechanics while providing competitive depth for more seasoned players. Explore our offerings and find everything you need to start your journey or sharpen your gameplay. Experience a card game where your tactics and creativity forge your path to victory. Step into the arena of Flesh and Blood TCG today and carve your path to glory in the world of Rathe!

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Part the Mistveil - Collection

$71.92 CAD

Part the Mistveil - Booster Box

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Part the Mistveil - Booster Pack

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3 products