The End of our Weekly Events

Over the past year and a half, we’ve learned a lot about online play habits. What people like, don’t like and one important thing we learned is paper play did not simply copy/paste it’s way to online play. 

It worked as a great replacement when the pandemic started, which might not have been possible without MTGMelee by the way, so great thanks to them. However, along the way we learned that FNM style, friendly, relaxed events which we have been hosting during the pandemic, are becoming less and less popular as stores reopen and paper play resumes. 

It makes sense too, people participating in those prefer the social aspect over the competitive aspect and in-store play provides that in a way that we can’t online. 

Where does that leave us? Well, we think that online play (third-party tournaments) in a world where it co-exists with paper play will appeal pretty much exclusively to competitive players. With SCG Tour Online, Insight Esports and other wonderful organizers offering substantial prize pools and great events, the demand is very well fulfilled. When we started The Mythic Society, we mainly did it to fulfill a need that was not available otherwise. 

The attendance of our weekly events has been steadily decreasing and we’re at the point where it’s just creating a bad experience for those trying to play them as half of them don’t fire anymore. We’re taking the responsible decision to stop them effective today. It’s been a lot of fun to host and we got to create an awesome community over the last 18 months which we are very proud of. We want to thank everyone who participated and made all of this possible. 

The Mythic Society ‘’accidentally’’ kickstarted The Mythic Store, which I’m (Pascal) eternally grateful for. It is now my full-time job and was a childhood dream to own a store. We’re now focusing on the store and with paper events now possible, we’re going to work hard on providing well-run and unique events to the local community. 

Set Roulette

Set Roulette is not going anywhere. It’s our baby, it’s unique and for the time being will be the only events that we are running. On a monthly basis as usual. There will be a restructure of registrations and prizes as we are moving away from Patreon since that will be our only event. More information coming soon, stay tuned. If we decide to add more events in the future, they will most likely be out of the box crazy ideas like Set Roulette. 

What will happen to the end-of-the-year PTGPPTQMF Cup?

The PTGPPTQMF Cup will still occur, we are not running away with your 1 Million Fame prize pool don’t worry. With weekly events discontinued however, we need to honor the current Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond Levels in some way. This is why we are awarding the following benefits to those with an ongoing Level:

- Bronze and Silver Levels will receive an automatic invitation to the PTGPPTQMF Cup if they reach any of the Set Roulette event’s Top 4

- Gold and Platinum Levels will receive an automatic invitation to the PTGPPTQMF Cup if they reach any of the Set Roulette event’s Top 8

- Diamond Levels will receive free entry to the upcoming Set Roulette events leading to the 2021 PTGPPTQMF Cup and also an automatic invitation if they reach any of the Set Roulette event’s Top 8. (If this is you, you will need to message GoblinCredible or PMayne on our Discord server prior to each events to get entered for free.)

The PTGPPTQMF Cup formats and complete prize structure will be announced on September 1st!

Thank You!

It has been a pleasure to have you all as players and we hope that you will try our Set Roulette events if you have not already!

If you see me (Pascal Maynard) or GoblinCredible (Cody) at a paper event in the future, please come say hi!

Author: Pascal Maynard