Premodern Metagame Tier list
The first ever Mythic Society Premodern tournament is tomorrow and I couldn't be more excited to see what people are going to bring. 

In fact, I'm so delighted by Premodern decklists that I went ahead and created a tier list without having played a SINGLE game of the format. This has been my every day struggle since I decided to make The Mythic Society my full-time job. I get to create awesome tournaments, discuss about them, explore new formats ideas, but I don't have time to play them. Let's hope you enjoy them for me!

Now that I've given you a terrible argument to read my tier list, let's go ahead and dive in. In all seriousness, I do have a decent theoretical understanding of the power level of these decks since I played them in some shape or form over the years of Extended and/or Legacy. Plus, I've always thought myself as a thinker more than a player.

Note: All decklist link to, which I have found to be the most extensive website for all Premodern decklists and data.

Tier A

UW Landstill
- Stasis
- Pattern Rector
- UW Replenish

In a format where aggro and small creatures altogether seems somewhat low power, my first instinct is that blue control decks should be great. Landstill just seems to have everything and doesn't seem very far from a Legacy power-level deck. Stasis might be a stretch, but it looks good. 

That Pattern Rector deck does not have many results, but it's my bet for the least respected and potentially great archetype. It's looks fast, consistent and rather resilient if you want it to be. 

UW Replenish nails it for the same reasons, Frantic Search is a messed up card and that deck abuses the hell out of it. 

Tier B

- Sligh
- GW Tron
- Turbo Lands
- RecSur
- Stiflenought
- Tog
- Zombie Spark
- Mono Blue Tinker
- Devourer Combo
- Frantic Storm

It's unclear to me which version of Stiflenought is the best amongst UW, UR and UB, but they all look at least Tier B. I couldn't find a list, but I recall seeing a Bant Hunting Grounds deck somewhere with Mystic Snakes and that looked great. Sligh looks somewhat underwhelming, but something tells me smashing people's face quickly is great in a format where people play janky combo decks. 

Tier C

- Goblins
- The Rock
- Elves
- Life
- Deadguy Ale
- Dementia Drake
- TerraGeddon
- Reanimator
- Counter-Rebel
- Trix

I like to call this section the decks that are cute and staples of Magic: the Gathering's history, but aren't actually very good. The Rock sees a lot of play from what I understand and I'll be happy to be wrong, but it looks BAD. 

I have most definitely left out some archetypes, I mean there are a LOT of archetypes, but I ranked those that I could find a decklist. 

I hope you enjoyed my quick tier list and I urge you to prove me wrong by playing our Premodern Weekly tournaments!

PS: If you use Modern terms like Sultai instead of BUG, you are banned from discussing with me.

Author: Pascal Maynard