Free Access to New Players and Small Schedule Change!

We want to grow The Mythic Society! For the entire month of June, we are giving FREE access to those who have never played our events.

That's over 20 tournaments played on Magic Arena and Magic Online with thousands in prizes. 

Free Access to New Players!

Interested? Simply enter the tournament code published on our public Patreon post when registering to our events*.

This is the perfect opportunity to kickstart you run to qualify for our end-of-the-year event! There's a solid 6 months left to level up your way to the Mythic Level and join the few players who will get to play this prestigious AND funky event

Needless to say, if you are NOT a new player and are caught entering our events without a Patreon Tier 1, 2 or 3 membership, you will receive appropriate penalties. Please don't be that person.

*You will receive prizes as if you were a Tier 1 Patreon member (1x prizes).


Giveaway for Current Supporters!

Played our events before? We have a little something for you as well. Help us spread the word and we will be giving Tier 3 memberships (3x prizes!) for the month of July to lucky winners who retweets this promotion

5 winners will be chosen on June 20th at 1:00 PM (EST).

Schedule Change

In order to not clash with weekend and various qualifier events, we have decided to move our Friday evening event to Tuesday evening. That means, the Friday Historic is now happening on Tuesday, same time. 

Set Roulette Week 2 will be unaffected, but it will replace the Historic event that would happen that day. Which means, no Historic on Tuesday June 22nd.