Using 2011 knowledge for September Set Roulette!
At The Mythic Society, we all share a favorite time of the month, it's the second to last weekend of each month, Set Roulette! For September, we made an overdue change to how we select the format, after listening to feedback, we decided to get rid of our ''guaranteed Premodern sets'' rule. 

Funny enough, that resulted (at random of course) in the first ever Set Roulette format with no Premodern sets in it. Here's what will be legal this upcoming Sunday.

- Magic 2011
- Zendikar
- Avacyn Restored
- Eventide
- Eldritch Moon
- Guildpact

Note: Unwilling Recruit is banned due to an MTGO bug. 

What to Expect

The attention was immediately drawn towards Magic 2011 and Zendikar after the legal sets were revealed, and that's because those two sets had already been part of a Standard format together in 2011.

Part of those being the famous Primeval Titan and Valakut, Molten Pinnacle combo which still sees play to this day. Guildpact also brings one of their best friend, in Stomping Ground.

This specific list has been kindly shared by Simon Nielsen, one of our most loyal competitor. Titans and Zendikar cards, with a little bit of Bonfire of the Damned, because why not?

This is level zero going into the Set Roulette tournament, if you don't have a plan for this matchup, you're probably going to have a bad time. 

Your second enemy should be Red aggro. It's no surprise that if you put Goblin Guide and Lightning Bolt in the same format, you'll end up with a great red aggro deck.

It's unclear what the list should be, should it be Mono Red, should it be Boros for Steppe Lynx? Should it more colors because fetch lands and shock lands are great? My personal opinion, it should be just mono colored, because there's more than enough great red cards and shocking yourself would make you worse in the inevitable mirror matches. 

My list is extremely unrefined, but the idea being that between Figure of Destiny, Burst Lightning, Collective Defiance and burn spells that can target other things than face, we can play a solid 24-land Mono Red deck that does more than just attack mindlessly and lose to Dragon's Claw. Playing 24 lands also mean we can play Giant Solifuge which might just be great in a format where pesky blockers are nowhere to be found. You can laugh at me when the winning deck plays Squadron Hawk. 

Let's do wild things instead.

The best part about Set Roulette are the never-played-before interactions that the random sets bring to the table. What if one of those interactions were actually better than defaulting to the obvious two decks.

This deck is for sure thrash against Mono Red, but if you feel like giving Valakut decks a beating, this will do it. 

The following and last decklist I will share with you comes from 2-time GP Top 8 competitor Hannes Mauch! Are you ready? 

This is HOT. Fauna Shaman is quite the card here. I'm skeptical about Garruk Wildspeaker, I feel like there should just be more creatures in that slot, but that would also mean going through all the possible creatures in the format since this deck can cast them all, ain't nobody got time fo dat. 

Are you excited to find out what the geniuses in our community come up with? I am! Register here to play on Sunday, or tune in at to watch live coverage!

Author: Pascal Maynard