Standard Metagame Snapshot | June 9th

With three days of Last Chance Qualifiers since the bannings of Agent of Treachery and Fires of Invention and nerfing of the companion mechanic took effect on Arena, the Standard metagame is beginning to take shape. While sixteen different archetypes have made the Top 8 across nine LCQs, there are three clear pillars of the format: Temur Reclamation, UGx Ramp decks, and Cat+Oven decks. Those decks have accounted for 53 Top 8 slots out of a possible 72, and they have won 7 of the 9 events.

Several varieties of aggro decks (Mono-Red, Mono-Green, Boros Cycling, Gruul, Winota) were able to crack the Top 8 of these LCQs, as well a few disruptive aggro decks (Mono-White and Selesnya Auras, Mono-Blue Flash). Control decks (Azorius and Esper Yorion) seem to be struggling with just four copies, though both Temur Rec and the UGx Ramp decks certainly play the control role in many matchups.

The LCQ winning decks consist of 3 Jund Sacrifice, 3 Bant Ramp, 1 Temur Reclamation, 1 Mono-Red Aggro, and 1 Selesnya Auras.

Over the weekend, there were also several large tournaments to pull results from, with qualifiers for the Red Bull Untapped series for Germany and Spain, two Magic Online Standard Challenges (including one Showcase Challenge), and the Battle Against Racism charity event. In these longer events, Jund Sacrifice was particularly strong, taking 16 of the 40 Top 8 slots. Temur Reclamation was also well positioned, with 9 placings. The UGx decks did not do as well in these events, with just two Bant decks and one Sultai making Top 8. Five Mono-Red Aggro decks were able to advance however. The winners of these events were 3 Temur Reclamation, 1 Jund Sacrifice, and 1 Mono-Red Aggro.

It will be exciting to see how the metagame shifts, with just a few more days until the first Players Tours events on Arena! Will the freshly banned card in Historic,
Winota, be making a mark in Standard as well?

Author: Pascal Maynard


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